Police searched FIDU volunteer after press-conference in Almaty

Almaty. August 14. KazTAG - Police have searched  Daniyar Khassenov, volunteer of Italian Federation of Human Rights (FIDU) after the press-conference in Almaty, said Bakhytzhan Toregozhina, head of Ar.Ruh.Hak public movement.
"Our police cannot recognize their mistakes. They simply decided to beat completely. Yesterday after the press conference he went to Tolganay Yerzhanova, investigator. He was searched there. He demanded to explain the reason of the search, demanded a lawyer, but they simply ignored him," she said to KazTAG.
She added Khassenov’s house was also searched.
"She (Yerhanova -KazTAG) showed him an act for search dated May 6. He was shocked. Police accompanied him to his house. They searched the house, took away his phone, a memory stock and an electronic book," she said.
She added that his procedural status has not been changed, his status is still a witness with a right for defense.

Photo source: picture from an open source