Political unions Oyan, Qazaqstan and Republic declared conditions for dialogue with authorities

Date: 09:05, 20-06-2019.

Astana. June 20. KazTAG - The political unions Oyan, Qazaqstan and Republic have declared their conditions for a dialogue with the authorities.
“We've decided to unite, because, according to tradition, a public council is created in our country after every political crisis , while a national council is the body that plays a decorative role. We see that in recent days some civil society activists have been invited to these councils in order to legitimize them. Therefore, after consulting with colleagues from the Republic movement, we decided that we would not go anywhere until they (the authorities - KazTAG) accept our conditions. Oyan, Qazaqstan, Republic movement has its own requirements, and we absolutely support each other in this, ”said Assem Zhapisheva,  journalist and activist of the Oyan, Qazaqstan movement.
She further listed the demands addressed to the Government to start a dialogue.
“The first is the unconditional guarantee of the right to freedom of speech and to peaceful rallies; the second is a legislative ban on activation of National Guard forces and army to suppress rallies; the third is the absolute freedom of mass media and cessation of censorship, as well as any pressure on journalists. In addition, the criminal cases of all Kazakhstanis who were convicted for political reasons should be closed. Also, all legal restrictions on the creation of parties, civil movements and public associations should be cancelled. The election law should be amended in accordance with the OSCE recommendations," she said.
In turn, Bella Orynbetova from the Republic movement said the authorities invited young politicians to the meeting.
“We were invited to the meeting that they had yesterday, but we did not go there. Mr. Karin (adviser to the President of Kazakhstan Yerlan Karin - KazTAG) invited us, ”Orynbetova said.
In turn, young politicians sent a response request. “We wanted them to come here themselves, so that everything was transparent. So that every word that was spoken is heard by people, ” Orynbetova concluded.

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