Post surgery rehabilitation system weakly developed in Kazakhstan - surgeons

Date: 03:32, 25-04-2014.

Almaty. April 25. KazTAG - Post surgery rehabilitation system is weakly developed in Kazakhstan, said Nadezhda Petukhova, head of the council for protection of patients rights under the Ministry of Health Care.

"Surgery has climbed to a very high level in Kazakhstan. Kazakhstani doctors have been traveling throughout the world increasing their qualification, reading their report. But post surgery rehabilitation is still week," she said at the V congress of surgeons.

She added there is no uniform state approach to this issue in Kazakhstan.

"For example severely sick people can be in hospital only for 20 days, and then they are transferred to care of medical-sanitary aid. But sick people have different age and social status. The bodies of social provision are involved somewhere, or children organizations, but their is no common approach," she said.

Zhetkergen Arzykulov, general director of the national scientific surgery center after Syzganov confirmed the opinion about high international status of Kazakhstani surgeons.

"We have just signed a 5 years memorandum with one of big clinics in Japanese Nagasaki; we will work on liver transplantation issues. The same is with Holland on lungs and heart transplantation, and then South Korea will follow. Surgeons know the English language well. They realize that poor skills throw them 5 years behind. You may lose time until you wait translation of special literature," he said.

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