Poverty may increase by 1.7 times in Kazakhstan in 2019

Date: 16:02, 12-02-2019.

Almaty. February 12. KazTAG - 4.6% of people in Kazakhstan have revenues below the subsistence level according to the data for the 3rd quarter 2018, however, according to the prognosis of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection, 8% of people will live on the revenues below the subsistence level in 2019, reports the Ministry of National Economy.
"By the results of the 3rd quarter 2018, the share of population with revenues below the subsistence level was 4.6%. Due to change in calculation methods of the subsistence level, this index is forecasted to be at the level of 8% by the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection. Taking in account the dynamics the index may potentially be 8%," said Serik Zhumangarin, Vice Minister of National Economy, to the reply of KazTAG's request.
This prognosis is connected with the calculation method, it means that 8% of people lived below the subsistence level in 2018.

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