Practice forbidden to plastic surgeon escaping punishment following fatal case in Almaty

Date: 15:06, 01-03-2019.

Almaty. March 1. KazTAG - The court has forbidden Dmitriy Pisarev, plastic surgeon, to work in clinical practice following two fatal operations in Almaty.
"The court has ruled: to satisfy the claim of health care department in respect of Dmitriy Pisarev on recognition of Pisarev's clinical practice as illegal, the court has forbidden him to conduct clinical practice, including in plastic surgery. ," said the judge of Almalinskiy district court N2.
The ruling has not come into force and may be appealed.
The claim indicated that the validity of Pisarev's certificate for clinical practice had expired.
According to the message, despite expiration of the certificate, Pisarev keeps on working in the "Railway hospital of medicine of catastrophes".
Meanwhile, Pisarev said he stopped practice after expiration of certificate validity.
“I worked on the basis of a valid certificate until December 12, 2018. Until this date, all my actions were legal. After my certificate expired, I reported to the management and was suspended from work. At the moment I do not practice. As for Agamuradova (Dana, who died after the operation in 2016 - KazTAG), the verdict did not enter into legal force, therefore, it is premature to declare me guilty. In the second case, in the case of Izbasarova (Laura, who died a month after being in coma - KazTAG), investigation is still underway which will give legal assessment, ” said Pisarev.

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