Practice of lunch with minister proposed to be introduced in all state bodies of Kazakhstan

Date: 12:04, 28-12-2018.

Astana. December 28. KazTAG - The practice of lunch with a minister has been proposed to be introduced in all the state bodies of Kazakhstan.
"We should create the channels of informal ties of non management employees with the first heads. Some ministries practice a lunch with a minister. For instance, a non management employee showed high performance, in this case, he has a chance to have lunch with a minister. We should create such channels and grounds," said Altair Akhmetov, vice provost on education work and information technologies.
He said such practice was introduced in the Ministry of Investments and Development in the time of management by Aset Isekeshev.
"It was introduced in the time of Isekeshev's management and it still exists. The president has said that changes are needed and we have presented our vision," he added.

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