Pregnant woman robbed in elite apartments block in Atyrau

Almaty. January 11. KazTAG - A pregnant woman has been attacked in Tomiris residential complex in Atyrau, reports Ak Zhaiyk.
According to mass media- the criminals - two males and one female- took 23 mln tenge from the flat. The police have detained the criminals.
According to the victim she was going to leave her house on that day. In the time when she was locking the door of her flat, she was attacked on the staircase by two men in masks. They pushed the woman into the flat, winded cello tape round her hands and legs, put a gag in the mouth and threw her on the sofa. This woman a woman went into the flat, and the criminals stole over 23 mln tenge.
"As soon as they left I managed to release my hands, and called for help from the balcony. Someone called the police. The criminals were detained on the same day. The police returned the money," reads the message.
Pretrial investigation is underway.

Photo source: picture from an open source