Prices for industrial products decreased by 5% in December

Date: 15:20, 05-01-2015.

Astana. January 5. KazTAG - The prices for industrial products, taking in account industrial services, decreased by 5% in December 2014, reports the committee of statistics of the Ministry of National Economy.
The prices in the mining industry decreased by 7.2%, processing- by 1.7%. Ready made goods decreased in price by 5.4%, the fees for industrial services remained unchanged.
The prices fell last month for liquefied propane and butane- by 12.2%, gas condensate- by 9%, oil - by 8%, oil fuel- by 5.6%, diesel fuel- by 1.4%, metal ores- by 0.7%.
The fees for ferrous metal roll decreased by 16%, lead- by 7.2%, precious metals- by 4.9%, aluminum prices increased by 2.1%, copper- by 0.8%, zinc- by 0.6%.
Prices decreased for poultry- by 8.6%, increased for buckwheat- by 22.3%, wheat flour- by 2.6%, rye flour by 1.3%, seed oil and sugar- by 1.6%, bread- by 1.2%, milk products- by 0.7%.

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