Problems with drinking water observed in Kulsary

Atyrau. May 27. KazTAG - Problems with drinking water are observed in Kulsary, reports “My City”.

“It is not possible to obtain sufficient quantities in the given time. In addition, the water has a dirty yellow color and an unpleasant smell: it’s impossible to even wash yourself, not only drink. People living in apartment buildings cannot find water for toilets...  We are fighting for water in stores, there is not enough for everyone: it was muddy, it turned out that the water treatment plants did not have time to purify the water,”-  say the residents of Kulsary.

The operational headquarters reported that the regional akim ordered the discharge of muddy water from storage tanks and the main line for its purification. Deputy General Director of Magistralny Vodovod LLP explained that the problems are related to water quality.

Photo source: picture from the open source