Producers sell eggs below cost in summer- Poultry Union of Kazakhstan

Date: 15:03, 25-01-2021.

Astana.  January 25. KazTAG - Producers sell eggs below cost in summer, said Ruslan Sharipov, president of the Union of Poultry Farmers of Kazakhstan.
“In summer, egg production in private households grows seasonally resulting in oversaturation of the domestic egg market forcing producers to sell eggs below cost, because egg production cannot be suspended, ”Sharipov said.
Eggs price depends 70% on the cost of feed and other components, but the situation on the market changes during the year.
He added that the demand for eggs in the summer decreases, while it grows for vegetables and fruits - increases.
“The price situation on the egg market  get critical in May-June, companies  ten to sell eggs below the cost price. In autumn, the situation changes, egg consumption stabilizes," he said.

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