Production of sage oil revived in Kyrgyzstan

Date: 05:47, 03-06-2014.

Almaty. June 3. KazTAG - Production of sage oil is being revived in Kyrgyzstan, reports the KyrTAG news agency.

"Asanbek Syrgbayev, local resident seeded 2 hectares of sage. After the plant blossoms in July the farmer plans to collect the leaves and flowers and make essential oil," said Omur Orozbayev, akim of Panfilov district.

In his words, after the oil is ready the rural administration will help conduct necessary expertise and present the product to commercial companies of Russia, China, South Korea and Europe.

He reminded a sage oil factory used to operate in the district.

"It used to be one of three plants in the Soviet Union. After the collapse the plant stopped operation and it was taken into scrap metal. Now we plan to revive the technology. Sage grows well in our environment, oil production from a kilo of sage is high, it may bring good money," he added.

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