Proton launches to be suspended until cause of failure is revealed

Date: 03:40, 16-05-2014.

Almaty. May 16. KazTAG - The launches of "Proton" rocket carriers from Baikonur spaceport will be suspended after the accident at night on May 16 until the cause of the failure is revealed, reports the Kommersant newspaper.

"All the launches of Proton rocket carriers will be suspended from Baikonur until the cause of the accident is revealed," reads the message.

According to the publication, Proton with Russian satellite crashed outside Kazakhstan in the time of work of the second and third stage. The rocket might have crashed on the territoryof Altayor into the Pacific Ocean.

"The cost of lost satellite Express AM4P is more than 1 bln rubles," reads the message.

Thus, scheduled launch of Proton-M with EXPRESS-AM6 satellite on July 15 will be postponed.

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