Proton rocket with Russian satellite Spectr-RG installed at Baikonur

Date: 13:58, 09-07-2019.

Baikonur. July 9. KazTAG - Proton-M rocket carrier with Russian space shuttle Spectr-RG has been installed in the launching pad 81 at Baikonur.
The specialists of the rocket-space branch of Russia have started operations on the program of first start day.
Initially the launch was scheduled for June 21, however, it was postponed until July 12 due to revealed deviations on the chemical elements of the electric current of the spacecraft.
Proton-M rocket carrier with Spectr-RG will be launched on July 12 at 18.31 of Nur-Sultan time.
The orbital astrophysical observatory Spectr-RG is intended for the study of outer space in the X-ray and gamma-range of the electromagnetic spectrum. A new observatory provide a full sky map with high sensitivity. The project also involves the German Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics of the Max Planck Society. At the observatory Spectr-RG two X-ray mirror telescopes were installed: the German eRosita and the Russian ART-XC.

Photo source: picture from an open source

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