Psycho-philological expertise prescribed for gossip purveyor about Akhmetov's death

Date: 15:25, 26-01-2015.

Almaty. January 26. KazTAG – A psycho-philological expertise has been prescribed to the gossip purveyor concerning death of ex minister of defense Serik Akhemtov, reports the department of internal affairs.
"The investigation department of Zhambyl region is investigating a criminal case in respect of Mr. Baishemirov Zh. on the article 274 part 2 point 3 who spread misleading information on the internet about death of Serik Akhmetov- ex minister of defense. A forensic psycho-philological expertise has been prescribed," said the department.
Investigation is underway.
According to DIA the punishment may make up from 2 to 5 years imprisonment for the crime.

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