Psychologists calling parents of school graduates to approach UNT results as subjective estimation

Date: 05:18, 19-05-2014.

Almaty. May 19. KazTAG - The psychologists of the institute of family education are calling parents of school graduates to approach the results of the Uniform National Test (UNT) as a subjective estimation.

"All the things in the UNT questions were taught at school thus it is possible to get a high rate. However, if this did not happen it is not worth criticizing the child. You must admit the failure because psychological factors affect the testing process," said Aigerim Saurykova, representative of the institute of family education.

In her words, such work with parents who come through stress not less than their children do is being conducted not for the first year. This year the institute of family education jointly with the Ministry of Education and Science decided to conduct a republican action, such seminars were held in all the regions of Kazakhstan.

She added children feel the concern of parents and if parents can coup with their emotions in the responsible moment their child will feel calmer at the exam. The task of parents is to reduce tension and concern of their child.

"Don't care about the number of points your child will get at the exam and don't criticize him afterwards. The number of points is subjective estimation of his abilities. Encourage your child, praise him for everything he does well," reads the handout spread at the seminar.



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