Public figures calling to combat restriction of speech freedom in Kazakhstan

Date: 03:00, 06-05-2014.

Almaty. May 6. KazTAG - President of international fund of speech protection "Adil Soz" Tamara Kaleyeva has called to combat against limitation of speech freedom in Kazakhstan.

"An article about responsibility for spread of misleading information has been introduced in the Criminal Code. The maximum punishment- 10 years imprisonment. It will be hard to work for the journalists. We must resist somehow," she said at the evening dedicated to the World Day of Press Freedom.

2 videos were presented at the arrangement. One showed attacks on mass media workers, another one told about reintroduced article for slander. Well known Almaty journalists took part in the video making.

Kaleyeva indicated annual dynamics of attacks and conflict situations connected with press representatives.

"The peak came in 2010, then it reduced. The prognosis depends on which period of time we take. In the future year-three I don't think the prognosis will be favorable. Talking about 10 years time, undoubtedly there will be speech freedom and democratic standards in the country. Only in case if we start really combating for our rights, stop enduring rudeness," she said.

Seitkazy Matayev, chair of Journalists' Union of Kazakhstan, congratulated colleagues on the World Day of Press Freedom.

"It is symbolic that May 5 coincides with earlier celebrated in the USSR Day of Press. Kazakhstani mass media are developing, the limits of our thinking are reducing. Social networks are actively developing today, I think, control will be established on them as well. I attended an exam at journalistic faculty today, out of 3 thesis works 2 were dedicated to blogs development in Kazakhstan. The Internet came to us not through a small window but through widely opened doors. Freedom of speech is essential in all the branches. It will be hard to develop our state without it," he said.

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