Public monitoring of prices for food products may be created in Kazakhstan

Astana. March 12. KazTAG - The public monitoring of food prices may be created in the near future in Kazakhstan, said Ruslan Dalenov, Minister of National Economy.
"Public monitoring of prices exists in the states of Europe- they publish public prices, which shops and which prices they offer for food products. People know where they can buy cheaper, sellers aspire to these prices as they compete. In the near future we will introduce this monitoring through a site, we will also consider printed edition," he said at the press-conference.
Among other system measures, he said, wholesales-distribution centers may be created which will resolve the problem with high off season prices.
"In the time of crops season in autumn when the prices are low, it will acquire products in big volumes and sell it with a minimal margin in the off season period in order to cover storage and transportation costs. We are considering the financial model. In the near future we will offer it to investors," he said.

Photo source: picture from an open source