Purpose of Sadibekov prosecution could be discrediting of Bozumbayev - lawyer

Date: 15:58, 15-01-2020.

Astana. January 15. KazTAG -  Almira Shaikhina,  lawyer of former vice minister of energy Gani Sadibekov, who is being tried in the corruption case, does not exclude that the criminal case against her client was initiated in order to discredit former minister of energy Kanat Bozumbayev.
“This (discrediting Bozumbayev-KazTAG) is also not excluded, simply because along with this criminal case, there was a fact when the office of prosecutor general headed by Kairat Kozhamzharov declared that the Ministry of Energy increased electricity tariffs, and the minister was again involved in this. It might have resulted in opening of a new case, ” Shaykhina said on Tuesday on the sidelines of court No. 2 of the Baikonyr district of Nur-Sultan, answering the question about whether the criminal prosecution of her client Bozumbayev as the head of the Ministry of Energy could be the ultimate goal.
According to her, "fortunately, objectivity triumphed in that case."
“Bozumbayev managed to explain the situation with tariffs and avoided opening of a criminal case. Otherwise, there could be another criminal case - in respect of the minister. We do not exclude that the case was initiated with the aim to discredit precisely Bozumbayev, ”said Shaikhina.
It was reported on March 2 2018 that Vice Minister of Energy Gani Sadibekov was suspected of embezzling budget funds in large amounts - 1 billion tenge allocated to clean the lake in the Shchuchinsk-Borovoye resort area, the crime was allegedly committed in collusion with the head of the contractor company LLP Aimak D. Duanbek. According to the anti-corruption agency, the head of the waste management department of the Ministry of Energy, Zhan Nurbekov, and contractor representatives S. Zhumalinov and Bekzat Kadirberlin were allegedly involved in the crime.
In addition, in early June 2018, another vice minister of energy, Bakytzhan Dzhaksaliyev, was placed under house arrest on suspicion of causing damage to the state to more than 740 million tenge.
On November 24, 2018, Vice-Minister of Energy Anatoliy Shkarupa and ex-chairman of board of Housing and Utilities Development Fund JSC Kaysar Baidaly were arrested on suspicion of embezzlement of budget funds allocated for the purchase and installation of heat meters in Saran, the Karaganda region.
On November 16, 2019, lawyer Khamida Aitkaliyeva reported that Shkarupa’s detention expired and a new preventive measure was not been passed.
On December 18, 2019 Bozumbaev was relieved of his post of Minister of Energy and appointed as an aide to the president.

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