Putin and Erdogan differ in situation estimation in Syria

Date: 09:23, 02-12-2014.

Almaty. December 2. KazTAG - Presidents of Russia and Turkey Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayiip Erdogan declared about necessity to regulate the crisis in Syria on the background of activeness of the group "Islamic State", but have different opinions concerning the role of Bashar Assad, reports the Russian service BBC.
"We have common opinion that the situation is Syria is unstable. We have common opinion that we don't want to allow the chaos on this territory and do not want to allow the efforts of terror organizations as it happened in Iraq," said Putin after the negotiations in Ankara.
According to Erdogan, Moscow and Ankara admit that it is necessary to find the solution to the situation in Syria, but they have different opinions concerning the regulation methods. According to the Turkish leader" it is impossible to achieve any results together with the regime of Assad, he must be considered as resigned".
"On the international level 141 states support the Syrian opposition movement. I believe the goal of those who look at Syria objectively is to form new leadership, including the representatives from all the regions of Syria and preparation of elections for people," he said.
Putin, in his turn, referred to the election results in Syria in June, when Bashar Assad got 89% of votes.
"Do we insist on Assad’s ruling,- I'd like to readdress it to Syrian people. We can have different approach to them, but they showed that Assad has quite good support among the population in Syria," said Putin.

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