Quarantine may be toughened in Kazakhstan

Date: 16:41, 27-05-2020.

Astana. May 27. KazTAG - Quarantine may be toughened in Kazakhstan, said Yelzhan Birtanov, Minister of Health Care.
"We do not want to toughen the quarantine; we do not want to stop our economy. We can keep on working under observance of certain quarantine measures. If these measures are ignored the virus spread will be growing and we will have to impose additional sanctions," he said.
“I would not want to do this. The success of the fight against the pandemic depends on each person, on each citizen. Therefore, once again I want to say that in addition to social distancing, in addition to the sanitary regime in enterprises and public transport, it is very important to observe the rules of personal hygiene - wearing masks. Today it is proved that at the current level of infection in society, wearing masks is an effective measure for both potentially sick and healthy people, ”said Birtanov.

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