"Proton" rocket with KazSat-3 satellite installed at launching complex of Baikonur

Date: 07:17, 24-04-2014.

Baikonur. April 24. KazTAG - "Proton-M" rocket with KazSat-3 satellite has been launched at the launch complex of the 81st ground of "Baikonur".

"The rocket carrier "Proton" was delivered to the launching complex 81 at 8.30 this morning. After the installation into the launching system, the floating servicing platform has been delivered to the rocket carrier. The rocket is being prepared for launch," said a representative of the space center after Khrunichev.

The rocket with a cluster of two space crafts KazSAT-3 and Luch- 5B is planned to be launched on April 28 at 10.25.00 of Astana time.

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