"Soyuz" rocket with "Progress" cargo ship installed at Baikonur

Date: 15:25, 16-02-2015.

Baikonur. February 16. KazTAG - "Soyuz-U" rocket with cargo spaceship "Progress M-26" has been installed at the launching complex at Baikonur".
"Soyuz-U" rocket with "Progress M-26M" was delivered by the railway to the installation-test corps N112 and installed in the launching device N5 of the ground 1 in vertical position," said a representative of Energy complex.
"Within two days the spaceport's experts will conduct final checks of the launching complex and the rocket carrier," he said.
The launch is scheduled on April 17 at 17:00:17 of Astana time.
The ship will deliver 2.5 tons of freight to the international space center, including, food, water, air, parcels, equipment.

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