Reason of auction cancellation on press-club building in Almaty is factual data divergence

Date: 16:14, 08-01-2019.

Almaty. January 8. KazTAG - The reason of auction cancellation on the press-club building in Almaty on January 4 2019 is factual data divergence, said Berik Sholpankulov, Vice Minister of Finance.
"There is divergence of data on the floors and area of the building in the estimation report prepared by independent company Vicon-Appraisal Ltd (director N. Pronicheva-KazTAG). There is an inspection which indicates 4 floors, while the attached photos to the report indicate 2-3 floors. Currently, due to the inconsistency of the data of the technical passport and the appraisal report with the actual parameters of the building, the tender scheduled for January 4, 2019 has been canceled," said  B. Sholpankulov in the response to the request of KazTAG editorial.
In fact, the editors also received a response to an official request from Olga Yakovleva, chairfigure of the presidium of the “Capital's Chamber of Professional Appraisers”, who said that in order to identify violations of the law by the chamber's member V. Zheba, additional information from other entities and officials will be required. The solution will be taken until January 24 2019.

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