Refueling stations in Aktobe lack of liquefied gas

Date: 02:55, 13-05-2014.

Aktobe. May 13. KazTAG - The refueling stations in Aktobe faced deficit of liquefied gas.

Drivers cannot refuel their vehicles or have to spend hours in the queues.

According to Salavat Vakhitov, head of anti-monopoly inspection, the reason of gas deficit is that the Ministry of Oil and Gas did not include one of the sellers into the supply plan.

"Until July 1 2012CNPC and Kazakhoil Aktobe could sell gas directly. Now the Ministry of Oil and Gas distributes gas volumes between the subjects. I met the manufacturers. MOG did not allocate the volume for May to one of the sellers. He sent request for 3000 tons and was refused," said Vakhitov.



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