Renter of Kokpektinsk reservoir may carry criminal responsibility for dike reconstruction

Date: 03:13, 23-04-2014.

Karaganda. April 23. KazTAG - The renter of Kokpektinsk reservoir has been accused of violation of security regulations which caused death of people, reports the prosecutor’s office of Karaganda region.

"The investigation revealed that since 2006 the Kokpektinsk reservoir was rented by Tabigat XXI Ltd which was engaged in fishing industry. The company conducted a number of construction works for the dike reconstruction. Vladimir Kruchkov, founder of Tabigat XXI has been accused on the article 245 part 2 of the Criminal Code (violation of security rules in mining and construction works which caused death of people or other grave consequences)," said Almas Abdakasov, assistant of prosecutor on supervision of legality of pre-trial judicial process.

He added the charges were brought against officials and owner of the Kokpektinsk reservoir.

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