Revision of Kazakhstani boundaries- attempt on sovereignty and independence of the country

Date: 05:26, 10-04-2014.

Almaty. April 10. KazTAG - Well-known public figure Murat Auezov expressed total opposition to the statement of head of the Supreme Council of Khakassia Vladimir Shatygashev, who said that Russia has historical rights to some territories of the former Soviet Union  including to the eastern regions of Kazakhstan

" What is striking is that this statement comes from the head of Parliament of one of Russian Federation's entities, the official, working in the structure of the Government. It means he is not just speaking on himself,  it is a position in authority of the Parliament . Unfortunately , due to the recent events in Ukraine and Crimea I have to repel general political aspirations of the neighboring state . We must speak directly about the imperial ambitions of Russia" ,  he said in the comment to KazTAG .

In his words, Kazakhstani Foreign Ministry must prepare a note to the Russian Foreign Ministry, which is a strategic partner of our country. The Statement made by the Speaker of Parliament of Khakassia concerns boundaries revision, there is an attempt on the territorial integrity of Kazakhstan. And " we must defend our sovereignty and our independence."

"I believe that now our Foreign Ministry must declare the note. We must express our concern that the chairman of the Supreme Council of Khakassia makes such statements, while the supreme authorities of Russia do not respond to them. We must pay attention to it and should get an explanation on this matter from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia " ,  said M.Auezov .

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