Ruins of medieval houses and artifacts discovered during excavations in ancient settlement of Sarayshyk

Atyrau. September 25. KazTAG – Ruins of medieval houses and artifacts were found during excavations in the Sarayshyk settlement in the Atyrau region, Atyrau Press reports.
“During archaeological excavations in the settlement of Sarayshyk, Atyrau region, walls of houses built in the Middle Ages and other sacred objects were discovered,” the report said.
According to Erlan Tilekkabylov, a researcher at the Atyrau Regional Museum of Local Lore, excavations began on September 4.
“During the archaeological excavations, walls of medieval houses, tandoor ovens, ceramic dishes, bone products and medieval coins were found. To date, excavations are being carried out on an area of about 800 sq.m,” reads the report.

Photo source: picture from an open source