Rural akim appeared at work place in drunken condition

Date: 14:20, 12-03-2015.

Uralsk. March 12. KazTAG - Kuandyk Rashkaliyev, akim of Sarazhynsk rural county used foul language in respect of a visitor, who applied to him seeking employment, he also appeared drunk in the office.
"In February a rural resident applied to the akim who was seeking employment. However, Rashkaliyev brusquely insulted her. The woman applied to Bikeolrdinsk department of internal affairs with a complaint, which opened an administrative case in respect of Rashkaliyev on the article 434. By the judgment of the court the akim was fined 10 MCI. The prosecutor’s office of the district declared about violation of the Code of honor of a state servant and passed the files for additional investigation," reads the message of disciplinary council of the region.
While considering the disciplinary case it was revealed the rural akim appeared on the workplace in drunken condition. The akim denied his fault.
"By the results of investigation the disciplinary council recommended the akim of Bokeiordinsk district to dismiss Rashkaliyev for tough violation of the code of honor of state servants," added the council.

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