Russia concerned about growth of Kazakhstani plant products import

Almaty. January 31. KazTAG - Kazakhstan is concerned about increase of plant products import from Kazakhstan, reports the Russian Agricultural Surveillance Service following the meeting of Sergey Dankvert, head of Russian agricultural department, with Almabek Mars, deputy chairman of the committee of state inspection in agricultural complex.
"The Russian agricultural surveillance service reports about growing volume of crops products delivered to Russia from Kazakhstan. The volume of Kazakhstani fruit and vegetable products delivered to the territory of Russia in 2018 increased significantly compared with 2017, including apples - by 1.6 times, peaches and sweet cherries - by 1.8 times, apricots - by 2.6 times, nectarines - by 4.1 times, white cabbage and carrots - by  2.4 times, onions - by 2.8 times," reports the message.
Russian agricultural authorities are insisting on the need for  speedy introduction of electronic systems into bilateral work, "which will ensure traceability of movement of goods between the states."

Photo source: picture from an open source