Russia concerned about growth of radicalism in Kazakhstan and Russia

Date: 11:15, 21-02-2020.

Almaty. February 21. KazTAG - Russia is concerned about growth of radicalism in Kazakhstan and Russia, reports the Assembly of Russian people.
"Despite the fact that the number of extremist crimes lowered in Russia and Kazakhstan in 2019, there has been growth of extreme radicalism and terroristic crimes: up to 101 in Kazakhstan (+2%), up to 1806 in Russia (+7.6%). Last year seven radical groups and three terror acts attempts were prevented in Kazakhstan, 78 radical cells and 33 terror acts were prevented in Russia," reads the report.
"Long border, international relations of terrorist groups, channels for transporting militants and financing from abroad, active work of extremists in the global information space of the Internet objectively push Kazakhstan and Russia not only to continue successful cooperation of law enforcement agencies in the search and extradition of criminals, “but also to unite the best practices of public, religious organizations, expert centers for prevention and fight against radicalism. "
In order to share the experience in this area, an international expert meeting “Cross-border threats" will be held in Orenburg on February 26.

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