Russia expands UK sanctions list to cover 23 more Britons — Foreign Ministry

Astana. September 28. KazTAG -  Russia has expanded retaliatory sanctions against the United Kingdom, adding 23 British citizens to the sanctions list, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement, reports TASS.
"In connection with London’s implementation of its anti-Russian course, under which the mechanism of personal sanctions is actively being applied and comprehensive support is being provided to the neo-Nazi regime in Kiev, the decision has been made to expand the Russian stop list by adding representatives of Great Britain’s military and political establishment, journalistic corps and scientific community (altogether 23 individuals)," the Foreign Ministry said.
According to the Foreign Ministry, the list of UK citizens now banned from entering the country includes Admiral Antony Radakin, who as Chief of the Defense Staff oversees the training of Ukrainian fighters in the UK; Madeleine Alessandri, chairwoman of the UK government’s Joint Intelligence Committee, who is involved in the formulation of London's strategy as regards Ukraine; and Cressida Hogg, chairwoman of the Board of Directors of UK defense company BAE Systems.
In addition, Russia has imposed sanctions on the staff of UK political consulting and research organizations engaged in gathering and analyzing information intended for conducting informational warfare against Russia, such as the Royal United Services Institute (J. Bronk, S. Kaushal, N. Reynolds), the Henry Jackson Society (A. Mendoza) and the Civitas Institute (R. Clark).
The Russian Foreign Ministry pointed out that attempts by London to escalate sanctions pressure on Russia "will inevitably receive a decisive response." "Work on expanding the Russian stop list in response to London's hostile actions will continue," the Russian Foreign Ministry added.

Photo source: picture from an open source