Russia suspends flights of "Proton" rockets

Date: 03:19, 19-05-2014.

Almaty. May 19. KazTAG - Dmitriy Rogozin, Vice Prime Minister of Russia, declared about suspension of "Proton" rockets flights until the commission finishes investigation of the crash reason on May 16, reports the

Rogozin made the statement at the meeting with heads of space scientific-industrial center after Khrunichev manufacturing "Proton".

"The conversation was hard. The system crisis in the company was obvious which resulted in quality degradation. We will help the staff to overcome the black stripe," Rogozin wrote on his page in Facebook.

He indicated reduction of quality in the center.

As reported "Proton-M" rocket carrier with "Express-AM4P" launched at Baikonur spaceport on May 16 burnt down in the dense layers of atmosphere above the Pacific Ocean.

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