Russian MFA declared about approach of "Islamic State" members to Central Asia

Date: 13:15, 25-12-2014.

Almaty. December 25. KazTAG - Sergey Lavrov, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia, declared about approach of the members of the "Islamic State" to Central Asia.
"There are data that their envoys were noted in the north of Afghanistan, i.e. very close to Central Asia and consequently, to the borders with Russia. It is obvious," said Lavrov in the interview to "Kommersant" newspaper.
In his words, like the Ebola fever the fighters represent global threat which needs to be liquidated.
"The Ebola fever is undoubtedly a threat like the Islamic State. For now these threats are developing in certain geographic borders, but both of them may go far behind their borders if appropriate measures aren't taken. In the Ebola case- the measures of preventive-medical character, provision of sanitary conditions, in the case with the Islamic State- the measures are aimed on the fighters localization and prevention of seizure of new territories. Finally we must liquidate their state on big territories of Iraq, Syria, they have appeared in Libya," he said.

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