Sanitary doctors discovered 32 discrepancies in air tests in Berezovka village

Date: 16:37, 16-01-2015.

Uralsk. January 16. KazTAG - 32 norms’ discrepancies in air samples have been revealed by the sanitary doctors in the village of Berezovka, West Kzakhstan region, said Mukhamet Aryspayev, head of department for protection of consumers' rights, Western Kazakhstan region.
In his words, the monitoring which has been underway since December 28 has included more than 3400 researches of atmospheric air in Berezovka.
"32 discrepancies have been revealed, but no serious excess of hydrogen sulphide has been revealed. Small excess of maximum allowable concentration, by two times, was registered only on January 4-5. It is considered as a minimal excess, as one may be poisoned with hydrogen sulphide if the excess is 10 times and more. As of today we cannot say that children poisoned with emissions of hydrogen sulphide," he said.
In his words, specialists do sampling twice a day in 6 points of the village.
At the same time Aryspayev said that even insignificant periodical excess of maximum allowable concentration negatively affects the health of villagers.

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