Second hand 3-5 years old cars - main competitors to new Kazakhstani cars - Aitzhanova

Date: 03:07, 23-04-2014.

Astana. April 23. KazTAG - 3-5 years old imported second hand cars are the main competitors to new Kazakhstani cars, said Zhanar Aitzhanova, Minister on Economic Integration.

"Within the frameworks of the accession in the WTO our fees are not 10% as it was for the new cars, but 15%.Russia also has 15% for new cars but they will come to it by 2019- they have 7 years transitional period. For our cars’ manufacturers the main competitors are 3-5 years old cars. Here we have 5% difference with Russia," she said.

"We started a dialogue with the Ministry of Industry and New Technologies and the Ministry of Environment concerning these (second hand-KazTAG) cars. Probably, we will create ecological regulations for the second hand cars older than 5 or most likely 7 years old. They will come to Kazakhstan (not on the import customs-KazTAG) fees (after accession in the WTO-KazTAG), but on technological regulations. Because it will concern import," she said.

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