Seitkazy Matayev: State bodies restrict access of journalists to mass arrangements with new rules

Date: 11:30, 14-02-2019.

Almaty. February 14. KazTAG - Seitkazy Matayev, chairman of the Union of Journalists of Kazakhstan, said that state bodies restrict access of journalists to mass arrangements with new rules.
"Mainly state bodies are responsible for accreditation. The new rules, new regulations are made to restrict access to independent press to mass arrangements, meetings. There have been a number of such cases," said S. Matayev commenting on the message of KazTAG about planned toughening of regulations for journalists access to mass arrangement.
He added, Kazakhstan has never had such rules with absurd requirements.
"What does the point mean: "Written agreement of a journalist for performance of internal order of an accrediting organization or a regulation fixed by a moderator". Does it mean that a moderator takes decisions? Initially there were standard rules: a chief editor files a list of journalists for accreditation, say, in the Government or in the Parliament - there were no written agreements. If they request a written agreement of the journalists- does it mean mistrust in respect of chief editors?" he said.
He also indicated requirement of the documents confirming  the contractual relations between the journalist and the media putting the end to citizen journalism.
“This way bloggers will be completely isolated from the events, because they generally have no contractual relations with anyone," he added.
At the same time, S. Matayev believes that independent media will have no chance to accredit their employees with these rules if they are introduced.
"The events in the governmental agencies will be covered by a narrow circle of mass media. This way the state bodies artificially narrow the information field. It is pure censorship," he said.
Under these conditions, he believes that while there is time to discuss the draft rules, it is necessary to raise a wave of criticism in social networks, which today play a big role in formation of public opinion.
“In turn, we will discuss the draft rules with our colleagues, with the international foundation for protection of speech freedom  Adil Soz, we have to reach an agreed decision, we won't stay silent," said S. Matayev.
As it was reported, the Ministry of Information and Communications plans to update the order of the Minister of Culture and Information of Kazakhstan dated June 21 2013 N 138 "On rules of journalists accreditation". In case the amendments are adopted, the rules for journalists accreditation to arrangements will be toughened. The document has been presented for public discussion until February 27.

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