Series of earthquakes hit in Almaty region

Date: 09:11, 05-08-2019.

Almaty. August 5. KazTAG - A series of earthquakes has hit in the Almaty region, report Kazakhstani seismologists.
"The network of seismic stations registered a quake on August 4 at 18.31. The epicenter was located north-east from Almaty on the territory of Kazakhstan. Energy class 10.7. Magnitude MPV 4.6," reads the report.
The epicenter was located on the south-east part of Teleki, Almaty region at 15 km depth.
Another quake hit in the same area at 18.41. The epicenter of the quake measuring 3.9 points was located at 10 km depth. Third quake measuring 3.5 hit at 19.15.

Photo source: region-earthquake-magnitude

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