Seven citizens of Kazakhstan evacuated from Syria suspected of terrorism

Date: 14:40, 10-01-2019.

Astana. January 10. KazTAG - Seven citizens of Kazakhstan evacuated from Syria are suspected of terrorism, said Bakhytbek Rakhymberdiyev, head of department of national security committee of Kazakhstan.
"As for the people evacuated from Syria in Zhusan operation, six men and one woman are under pretrial investigation on suspicion of involvement in terrorism. These circumstances will be thoroughly investigated and analyzed,” he said.
"The society is concerned if the evacuees pose any threat. In fact, the conflict in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan has been on for several years, this time people have been returning for several years. Only 40% of them have been attracted to criminal responsibility, some of them have been released. Others were undergoing prophylactics and rehabilitation. We do not see any threat from the side of these people," he said.
As it was reported, dozens of citizens of Kazakhstan with children were evacuated from Syria.

Photo source: picture from an open source

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