"Shade" meat buyers import it without control in North Kazakhstan region - entrepreneur

Date: 13:49, 27-08-2019.

Petropavlovsk. August 27. KazTAG - "Shade" meat buyers in the North Kazakhstan region import it without control in the North Kazakhstan region, said Yelena Akhmetova, director of Kazakhstan Delikates.
"Meat is purchased without control on our markets and imported outside Kazakhstan. When we offer cutting of our meat to the Russian partners, they say "your meat is very expensive, we are offered meat from your region for much lower prices". They say who exactly offered it," she said at the meeting of Arman Utegulov, chairman of vet control committee with business community.
The businesswoman is puzzled why individuals have the right to purchase meat on the markets and import it to Russia.
"When meat is delivered to the market it is liable to vet control, when it leaves the market  it needs usual permits, papers, nothing else. When meat comes to the market it is purchased by individuals (not the companies which will pay taxes and provide work places), it is very hard to compete with them. There are fridges on the territory of the city where it is stored and then imported in tones," she said.

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