Shymkent needs 70 new kindergartens

Date: 15:34, 08-12-2014.

Shymkent. December 8. KazTAG - Shymkent needs 70 new kindergartens to provide 100 % coverage of children with pre school education, reports the education department of the city.
"Today about 43 000 are covered with pre school education. They study at 280 preschool  organizations. But it is not enough. The city needs 70 kindergartens to cover all the children," said Kulzina Ualikhanova, head of education department.
Meanwhile, more than 3000 children received kindergartens appointments this year.
"In 2014 3000 children received kindergartens appointments. 1 mini centers under school and 32 kindergartens have been opened in the city this year," she said.
She added businessmen are opening kindergartens reducing the waiting list.

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