Situation in Ukraine caused tsunami of disinformation in social networks - Nazarbayeva

Astana. April 24. KazTAG - The situation in Ukraine has caused a tsunami of disinformation in the social networks, said Dariga Nazarbayeva, chair of organization committee of XII Eurasian media forum- Vice Speaker of Majilis.

"The events in Ukraine caused a tsunami of disinformation, a big share of which is spread via the social networks and blogs," she said.

"Popular social networks, especially in the crisis situations, turn into a field of word fight, mutual accusations and unstoppable hysteric. The society must learn to protect themselves from this electronic virus, not to defend it, not to ban," she added.

In her words the situation in Ukraine will be discussed at the media forum on April 25.

"We are distressed for Ukraine, our good friend and reliable trade partner. These events are just personal for us," she said.