Solar eclipse will be only 8% seen in Almaty on March 20

Date: 11:17, 12-03-2015.

Almaty. March 12. KazTAG -  The solar eclipse  will be seen only to 8% in Almaty, said Viktor Teyfel, head of the Laboratory of physics of the moon and planets of the Institute of Astrophysics named after V.Fesenkov.
"Unfortunately, the eclipse will be seen only to 8%. It will be after 16.00, it will last for at least 2 hours. A very small portion will be closed. But in the north of Kazakhstan there will be more. In general it is supposed to be full, but the total phase will be observed only over the Arctic Ocean. For us, it will be almost imperceptible, "he said.
He noted that the eclipse on March 20 will be the same eclipse as it was in 1997.
"This is a repetition of that eclipse, which was 18 years ago - on March 9, 1997. There is a period called the saros. This is a period for which the orbit of the moon makes a complete rotation and so these eclipses repeat every 18 years in the same places, " he said.
According to Teyfel, last total solar eclipse was observed in Almaty in 1941.

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