Step mother torturing her stepdaughters sentenced 4.6 years imprisonment in Turkestan region

Date: 15:19, 02-07-2019.

Shymkent. July 2. KazTAG - The court has declared verdict to stepmother torturing her stepdaughters in the Turkestan region.
"The woman has been adjudged guilty under p.1,2,4 p.2 Art.110 (torment-KazTAG). She has been sentenced 4 years and 6 months imprisonment under this article," said Kanatbek Konyrbayev, chairman of special court for minors’ affairs of the Turkestan region.
In his words, from September 2017 until April 2019 she had been causing the three minors physical suffering, systematically beating them. In this way, the woman, aged  28, tried to raise the teenagers. The woman had a little son with the girls' father, and they were waiting for the birth of her second child. She gave birth at the end of June,  guardianship bodies will take the decision on the fate of the child.
“According to the court's ruling,  four children were determined to live with their father," said the message.
Three girls in the Turkestan region were hospitalized with knife marks and traces of torture with pliers on April 17. Also, the video of the three sisters with cruel beatings, bruises, scratches appeared in the social networks.

Photo source: picture from an open source

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