Street may be named after Putin in Bishkek

Date: 08:40, 21-04-2014.

Almaty. April 21. KazTAG - Nurlan Abdykadyrov, film director in Kyrgyzstan, proposed to rename Kiyevskaya street in Bishkek into the street named after Vladimir Putin, President of Russia.

"A mountain peak was named after Russian President V. Putin in Chu region three years ago, but I think not many people know where it is. Thus, I propose to name one of Bishkek streets after Putin. Many boulevards have random names in the city which have no historical connection to the names, for example, Moscow, Kiyev streets, which might be easily renamed," he said to KyrTAG news agency.

In his words, Russia plays an important role in the modern history of Kyrgyzstan.

"In the past 20 years Russia repeatedly gave us a hand. (...) I am not acquainted with Putin personally, but I deeply sympathize him. We can see what a good strategist he is, how deeply he thinks. I hope he will keep on helping Kyrgyzstan in the future," he said.

Meanwhile, Shailoobek Duisheyev, people's poet of Kyrgyzstan, does not support the initiative.

"I am against naming streets after some people mindlessly, especially after a person who is not a citizen of Kyrgyzstan. It may seem timely today, but tomorrow when the president leaves his post, other clever people will come who will decide to rename the street. I think Putin won't like this idea," he said.

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