Subliminal alcohol ads to be banned in Kazakhstan

Date: 09:26, 23-04-2014.

Astana. April 23. KazTAG - Subliminal alcohol ads will be banned in Kazakhstan, said Ardak Tengebayev, Vice Minister of Finance.

"Subliminal ads of alcoholic products is planned to be banned in the law "On advertisement". For example, to ban advertisement of alcohol free beer in case there is the same alcohol beer. Or you remember, there was an advertisement campaign when TV channels advertised water, but everyone knows, that there is vodka under the same brand," he said to the journalists.

Appropriate proposals have been brought into the draft law "On amendments into some legal acts of Kazakhstan on state regulation of industry and spirit and alcohol products circulation" by Majilis Deputies on Wednesday.

The draft law has been approved in the first reading.

According to the WHO, Kazakhstan takes the 34th place in the world on the volume of pure alcohol consumption per capita with the level of 11 liters of pure alcohol per capita a year.

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