Successful surgeries with use of stem cells conducted in Uzbekistan

Date: 09:21, 06-06-2014.

Almaty. June 6. KazTAG -Successful operations using stem cells have been conducted in Uzbekistan, reports the Uzbekistan Telegraph Agency.

"The doctors of the center of onco-hematological deceases discharged three recovered patients using stem cells after stationary treatment," reads the message.

All these patients were registered in the scientific-research institute of hematology and blood transfusion as patients sick with blood cancer.

After the first procedures of chemotherapy they had stem cells sampling- a guarantee that after the chemotherapy their blood system will be launched. Then doctors give the patients a big doze of chemo-medicines which are able to kill all the cancer cells and stem cells in the organism. After the cancer cells are killed they get the stem cells which help the organism to rehabilitate.

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