Suicide attempt committed by abducted bride in Shymkent investigated under three articles

Date: 11:14, 07-02-2019.

Shymkent. February 7. KazTAG - Suicide attempt committed by a bride in Shymkent following abduction is being investigated under three articles of the Criminal Code of Kazakhstan.
"Pretrial investigation on the fact of suicide attempt by a bride is being investigated under three articles. First, a pre-trial investigation is being carried out under Article 105 "Bringing to suicide". Then follow two more articles: 120 "Sexual abuse" and 126 "Unlawful deprivation of liberty." A number of examinations have been appointed," said Asel Sadenova,  official representative of the Shymkent police department.
19-year-old abducted bride attempted to commit a suicide. She jumped out of the window from the third floor, from a flat she was being held. The victim said she did not want to marry. She was abducted on January 18 and brought home to a young man. On January 25, he raped her, and on January 31 she attempted to commit a suicide. The young woman was taken to hospital with  headache, pain in the spine and legs.

Photo source: picture from an open source

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