Suleimenov commented on growth of dollar rate

Date: 16:23, 29-12-2018.

Almaty. December 29. KazTAG - US policy and fluctuation of oil prices affect the dollar rate in Kazakhstan, said Timur Suleimenov, Minister of National Economy of Kazakhstan.
"Macroeconomically you know, it is connected with increase of FRS rate, I said many times and I agree that it makes an impact. The US policy affects, it strengthens investment attractiveness of the American jurisdiction, its securities, it affects payment balances and dollar. As far as it affects dollar, it is growing, while all others decline. That is the main thing. Another thing is dollar prices which are far from stable, they considerably fluctuate up and down, they affect our rate," said T. Suleimenov.
As it was reported, dollar rate in the currency exchangers of Shymkent, Astana and Almaty increased to 384 tenge, 384.5 tenge and 386 tenge per $1.

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