Sum of submitted applications for property legalization makes more than 200 bln tenge

Date: 09:08, 06-03-2015.

Astana. March 6. KazTAG - The sum of applications submitted by Kazakhstani people for property legalization makes more than 200 bln tenge, said Bakhyt Sultanov, Minister of Finance.
"The applications for objects legalization to more than 200 bln tenge have been submitted, i.e. more than 1$ bln, including opening of 69 accounts in the second tier banks, to which more than 10 bln tenge have been transferred," he said.
He added, about the third of this sum is planned to be withdrawn by the holders.
"They want to withdraw the money ahead of schedule, paying 10% fee to the budget. The budget will get approximately 300 mln tenge. Third part of these holders have already invested the money- they have transferred them into the tools without covering that 10% tax in the budget," he said.
He believes the activeness of Kazakhstani people will increase by the end of the year within the frameworks of legalization.

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