Sums of groundless bills for communication in Kazakhstan reach 3 mln tenge per subscriber - League of Consumers

Date: 15:08, 11-09-2019.

Almaty. September 11. KazTAG - The sums of groundless bills for communication services in Kazakhstan reach 3 mln tenge per one subscriber, said Svetlana Romanovskaya, president of the National League of Consumers.
"We have received numerous complains about Kazakhtelecom - they charge 3 mln tenge for the services which were not provided. Can you imagine, an elderly woman got a bill to 3 mln tenge. She can experience a heart attack, even if later it is proved that the bill was invalid," she said at the press-conference.
According to the press release spread to the journalists, groundless bills are charged for intellectual services, telephony services after the contract was broken, "moreover Kazakhtelecom daily adds a fee for delayed payment".
In her words, the legality of the account can be checked only by Kazakhtelecom through internal investigation.
"It is possible to prove something only in case the company conducts internal investigation. We have no experts who might do it. We have received five complaints about ungrounded bills which amount to 2.5-3 mln tenge within 10 days," she said
Asker Cherubayev, lawyer of the National League of Consumers, said that the smallest sum on groundless  bills of Kazakhtelecom is 70 000 tenge, the highest one- 3.318 mln tenge.

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